February 2018 Fishing Report

Posted By Luke Geraty on Feb 28, 2018 in On the River

Been tough to get time to write a fishing report, so mine as well do it the last day of the month! Busy month for me… turned 39 years young and spent a lot of time on the river! In addition to taking out a good amount of people, I got to fish with my usual trout bum, Brendon. I’m really happy with the iPhone X’s portrait mode. It’s a great way to blur the background of your pictures so no one knows where you are catching all of the fish 😉 

Seems like the Bird’s Nest has been the fly we have most consistently been taking fish on. Some days the bead head and other days it’s just a plain old-fashioned. I have definitely noticed that the darker the Bird’s Nest, the more takes we’re getting. I love the one that you can pick up at The Fly Shop in Redding. Well worth having a few of those on you! 

Also seen some PMD’s coming off and have caught a few nice ‘bows wading up near the Sun Dial Bridge. Some really beautiful fish here in the Sacramento River! These fish have huge shoulders and seem to be getting more and more grabby! 

The salmon are yet to be seen. I think I’ve spotted a grand total of around twelve in the past few months, with the carcass pictured up above being the first dead one I’ve seen yet (and it was at the Posse Ground island. 

Tight lines folks… 





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