The Rubber Leg is back!

Posted By Luke Geraty on May 4, 2018 in On the River

Floated the Sacramento River from Bonneyview down to Anderson yesterday. The flow was around 7,000 cfs, so lots of water to cover! The day couldn’t have been better as far as the weather goes — sunny and not to hot, not to cold! 

The fishing was fair to good. I wouldn’t say it was fantastic, but it certainly wasn’t bad. We caught fish throughout the day as well as lost fish throughout the day, including a hog that I was convinced was a snag until it took off with a bunch of line. In one particular spot, we hooked about eight fish in around ten minutes, landing four good ones. 

The two flies that consistently produced: Rubber Legs and size 14 Bird’s Nests. The caddis hatch was pretty heavy most of the day and spots here and there of PMD’s too. Thus we got some opportunities to cast dry flies to rising fish, especially the last run before the Anderson pull out since we floated through there around 7:45pm!

Did I mention that the Rubber Legs is baaaaacccckkkk???? Cuz it is. Put one on. Trust me. 

In addition to the aforementioned flies, we got hook ups on black micro may’s, some weird experimental green caddis nymph I tried, and some Dark Lord’s. Over all a great day to be on the river due to the fact that our lunch consisted of sandwiches from A&R Custom Butchering.

And by the way, all of my clients not only get the chance to fly fish a great river, they get A&R sandwiches! Book your day today! 



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