Lower Sac Water Levels on the Rise…

Posted By Luke Geraty on Apr 29, 2018 in On the River

Well the summer flows are beginning to arrive… the Lower Sac went from being around 3,200 cfs to around 7,000 cfs. Fishing tends to be a little tougher when the water levels change, especially considering just how amazing it’s been the past couple of months! The hatches are still crazy! There were PMD’s and caddis going off in massive amounts today! Check out the caddis on April’s jacket:

The fish, however, were not as cooperative. We hooked a few but that’s about it.

Pretty disappointing, but that’s fishing. Couldn’t seem to get grabs on caddis flies, PMD’s, Rubber Legs, Micro Mays, etc. But we tried, so there you have it. When the water rises, sometimes it’s just about finding feeding fish that are somewhat settled down (or so we think). Weird day… not much more to say. 

But it was a fun day to be on the river as the sun was out most of the time and we didn’t get too wet when it drizzled thanks to Simms 🙂 



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