March Trout Madness 2018

Posted By Luke Geraty on Apr 1, 2018 in On the River

Well the fishing has been absolutely incredible this past month. I’d venture to guess that the one major reason it’s been so great is… wait for it… bugs. It’s like the river has come back to life and there are insects everywhere! PMD’s! BWO’s! Caddis! Oh my! 

Every. Single. Fish. Has. Been. Gorgeous. 

Seriously, we haven’t seen any ugly looking trout… no snakes… no small fish… just nice fat healthy ‘bows. Oh my! There’s few places in the world outside of Alaska, Montana, and Colorado where you can catch this many fat amazing healthy beautiful gorgeous insert-your-own-adjective-here fish! 

We’ve had a number of doubles (we get excited about those)… some when we’re wading and others when we’re floating. One of the best flies lately has been a small black caddis. Actually… anything small… and black… and small… and black. Black Micro May’s have been good. Tiny Dark Lords have been good. Small black colored flies have just been consistently producing great fish. I’ve also been hesitant to remove the Bird’s Nest and PMD’s and baetis patterns have been fantastic too. There’s like five flies right now that just are crushing it. 

I should mention that we have tried using egg patterns, both salmon and suckers, but they have been pretty unsuccessful. The bugs tho… 

While floating with two other trout bums, one of those little black flies helped me hook and land this fish:

The crowds have obviously been hearing about the fishing, so we’ve been seeing a lot more people on the river, both locals and folks from out of town. It’s always fun to see other people enjoying the river and the great thing about the Sacramento is that there is plenty of river for everyone! 

Check out some photos from the past month (many of which were taken by the trout-slayer Brendon Flynn:

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